What's on the menu?

"Avalon" provides a wide range of treatments and workshops. The quick pace of daily life brings with it high stress levels that influences the mind-body's health & balance. Manual hands on treatment create a time out for the body and soul to regain its equilibrium and reconnect to inner vision and inspiration.

All therapists at "Avalon" are certified practitioners.

​Deep tissue massage - 50 /80 min


A relaxing massage with warm essential oils. helps relieve muscle tension & stress, Relaxes the mind & helps bring back a sense of well being. The long massage includes hand/feet & sculp massage.

Shiatsu - 50 min


A traditional eastern manual technique that works on the body's Meridian system by a serie of pressure points, rotations & strechings.

treatment is applied on a futon - a Japanese matras


Reiki - 60 min
Reiki is universal life energy that is present in all living things. this hands on treatment brings inner peace and a connection to the natural healing power within. 




Watsu / Waterdance - 50 min.
A magical journey to the sesnsations of floating, streching & fluid movment. This special treatment in warm water is a perfect setting to release muscles enhance flexibility & re-enter the deep silence within.  
Workshops / happenings for couples & small groups
* "touch the talk" - all about verbal & non verbal communication
*treatments & breakfast
* floating meditation with Tibetan singing bowls
* design the best combination for a day full of fun : treatments, spa,  lectures, tours & more...
Rent our place:


* to host workshops on land or water

* to use the pool privately as a couple or group

* for romantic occassions / wedding